Ergobaby Classic Sleep Bag

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Our Baby Sleeping Bag helps your little one transition from Swaddling by keeping baby cozy and warm without loose blankets- so everyone gets a good night’s rest.

  • Use from birth to 6 months
  • Adjust at shoulders as baby grows
  • Easy diaper change with 2 way zipper
  • Ultra-soft 100% cotton shell
  • Fabric weight "cozy" TOG 2.5 is additionally padded with polyester

Peaceful Sleep

swaddle diaper
Easy Diaper Change
adjustable snaps
Adjustable Snaps
Harness Slot
Harness Slot for Strollers and Car Seats
Use from birth to 6 months
Use from birth to 6 months
Machine Washable
Machine Washable

Fabric Weights

Room Temperature And Safe Sleep

Whether you keep your rooms warm and toasty or cool and breezy, Ergobaby Sleep Bags help you achieve the optimal temperature for restful sleep. Use the chart below to choose the right fabric weight for your home.

Room Temperature
Fabric Weight
Recommended Use
light light Hot weather and very warm rooms
mid-weight mid-weight All year round, for standard rooms
cozy cozy Cold temperatures, and cold rooms


Instructional Videos

Baby Sleeping Bag Instructions


Sleeping Bag Instructions


  1. Is the fabric heavy?
    Our Premium Cotton Sleeping Bag is made of soft and breathable 100% cotton knit. This material is super cozy for baby and stretches with movement for additional comfort. Keep, in mind that all babies are slightly different, and you may need to adjust the amount of clothing based on your baby's individual preference.
  2. Do either the Classic or On The Move Sleeping Bag come in different TOGs or fabric weights?
    Currently, our sleep bag range is available in a Light (0.5 TOG), Mid-Weight (1.0 TOG) and Cozy (2.5 TOG).
  3. What's the difference between the Classic and On The Move Sleeping Bag?
    Both styles are made of the same soft 100% cotton knit and have the same TOG rating (0.5 TOG). Additionally, they BOTH feature adjustable shoulder snaps, a double zipper, and a seat belt slot. However, the Classic Sleep Bag is our small bag for babies 0-6 months. It does NOT have the convertible 2-IN-1 walker design feature. The On The Move sleeping bag comes in size Medium (6-18 months) and Large (18-36 months) bag, designed specifically for older babies as they transition into a walker and need the added mobility.
  4. How do I know when to transition my baby from swaddling?

    When your baby shows signs of breaking free from swaddling or rolling over, it's time to transition into a sleep sack.  To make the transition easier, we recommend gradually transitioning your little one to using the Classic Sleep Bag.  You can do this by swaddling your baby for a few nights with one arm out, then both arms out of the swaddle.  Your baby will still have the secure feeling of the swaddle while gradually adjusting to having his arms free, making the transition to a sleep bag smoother.

  5. What is a TOG rating?
    TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade. It is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of a product, commonly used in the textile industry (quilts, duvets, and comforters). It indicates the degree of warmth you should expect from your swaddler. The higher the TOG, the warmer the garment. To help caregivers understand what TOG fits your needs, we have recommended guidelines for each TOG. Please see the “What To Wear Under Your Sleep Bag” chart.
  6. What is the TOG rating for the Classic Sleep Bag?
    TOG rating for the Classic Sleep Bag is: 0.5 (light), 1.0 (mid-weight) and 2.5 (cozy).
  7. Is the Classic Sleep Bag machine washable?
    Yes, all of our sleeping products are machine washable.
  8. What material are the Classic Sleep Bags made of?
    Ergobaby's Classic Sleep Bags are made of 100% ultra-soft cotton fabric. Fabric weight "cozy" TOG 2.5 is additionally padded with polyester.
  9. How long can I use the Classic Sleep Bag?
    The Sleep Bag allows for use up to about 6 months! Once baby can roll, they are likely ready to grow out of a swaddle and into a sleep bag. The Classic Sleep Bag has two snap adjustments at the shoulder to grow with baby up to about 6 months.