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With Ergobaby baby carriers and slings, you'll always have your little one with you, right from birth. This way, your baby is warm and safe, and best of all, your hands are free, which not only adds a whole new level of convenience to your day but also the interaction with the bigger sibling is so much easier to reconcile. Why? Your little one is always with you. They can smell your scent, feel your warm skin and your heartbeat. Babywearing Is Love!

Which baby carrier is the best? - Carriers for: Newborns, babies and toddlers

Every phase of life is accompanied by you gently. Baby carriers and Baby slings are the best, most natural and healthiest way to give your little one what they need to grow and develop. But which Ergobaby baby carrier is the right one for which development phase?

Advantage of baby carriers: all babies need physical touch, warmth and movement

So small and so delicate - your newborn baby needs lots of warmth and cuddle time. With a baby carrier, your newborn stays close to your heart during the exciting early days and gets numerous benefits to development, both physically and emotionally.

Wearing a baby carrier, you can comfortably support your baby through the first exhausting, yet exciting months of their life, soothing and easing the start of life for all of you.

Your toddler is already discovering the new world with their own two legs from the safety and comfort of your body.

Which Ergobaby baby carrier suits me and my child?

Ergobaby has baby carriers and slings for all needs - of children and parents:

  • The Embrace Newborn Carrier, which is made of the soft, elastic knit fabric, is suitable from the very beginning and also grows with your child. It is comfortable and can be put on in a jiffy thanks to the size-adjustable three-buckle principle. The Embrace helps you to carry your newborn (3.2 to 11.3 kilos) safely and comfortably. The baby carrier can be rolled up and weighs less than 500g. Two versions are available: cozy soft as Embarce Soft & Snug Knit or soft, cool and breathable as Embrace Soft Air Mesh.
  • The Omni™ Dream baby carrier is adjustable and therefore suitable not only for newborns, but also can be used up to toddler age (3.2 to 20.4 kilos). The brushed SoftTouch™ cotton fabric is soft with maximum comfort for you and your child. A hood provides sun protection and privacy. The practical zipper pocket has enough space for all the essentials.
  • The Omni™ Breeze features breathable SoftFlex™ mesh fabric, making it perfect for all parents and caregivers who like to be active while still maintaining a comfortable dry skin feel. It's size-adjustable, so it's also suitable for newborns and grows with them up to toddler age (3.2 to 20.4 kilos). A hood serves as a privacy screen while breast/chest feeding or as sun protection. The large zippered pocket comfortably holds a mobile phone and keys.
  • Looking for an all-in-one baby carrier? The Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh is just what you need. It's made of breathable mesh fabric to help regulate your baby's temperature. Since the Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh baby carrier is size-adjustable, it grows with your baby up to toddler age (up to 20 kilos).
  • The Omni 360 Cotton is made with cotton and is a real all-rounder. It can be adjusted individually and grows with your baby from newborn to toddler age (3.2 kilos to 20 kilos) and is available in many beautiful designs.
  • The Ergobaby Aerloom is ready for newborns and grows with them until toddler age (3.2 to 15.9 kilos). The special FormaKnit™ material makes it ultra-light and allows air to circulate. At only 660 grams, it is easy to be stowed away and is also perfect for active parents. A practical zippered pocket keeps credit cards, soother and a moblie phone.
  • With the adapt 3-position carrier, you are very flexible. The carrier is available in breathable SoftFlex™ mesh or SoftTouch™ Cotton. It can be used in the three classic carrying positions and grows with your baby from newborn to toddler age (3.2 - 20.4 kilos). A large hood protects against light, sun rays and adds additional privacy.
  • Do you prefer a sling? Then the super-elastic Aura sling/wraps is the best solution for you. It is made of eucalyptus as well as acacia fiber and fits comfortably to you and your baby's body shape. No chance for neck tension and back pain! The sling is very easy to pre-tie, therefore there's no rush and no tangled situation. Practical, contrasting seams show you where to go when tying. It's a piece of cake!

Baby carriers for the healthy development of your baby

All Ergobaby carriers ensure your baby is positioned in the natural and ergonomic Spread-Squat position for healthy hip development. This also supports the development of the baby's back, head and neck. The carriers are suitable (from about six months old) for hip carrying, back carrying and front carrying facing forwards.

Your back also benefits from the advantages of Ergobaby carriers, because they are comfortable, distribute the weight optimally, making carrying a wonderful experience between you and your child.

FAQ baby carriers and baby slings:

You have to decide for yourself. In any case, the advantage of a baby carrier is that it can be put on quickly and easily with just a few steps. There are many baby specialist stores where you can try out our carriers, with or without the baby. Or take our Ergobaby quiz and we'll tell you which Ergobaby carrier suits you and your baby best.

Baby carrier - when to start?

You can start using a baby carrier or sling from birth. Your baby sits there safely, securely in the ergonomic spread-squat position recommended by doctors.

When to use a baby carrier?

You can use a baby carrier or sling in almost every situation. When doing household chores, walking the dogs, going for a walk, on vacation, but also when you are interacting with your older child. A carrier or sling is also perfect for accompanying your child to sleep.

How do I clean and care for my baby carrier?

Sweat, breast milk, spit-up from teething baby and all sorts of "surprises" can stain your carrier. This is not a problem, because all our Ergobaby carriers are machine washable. Before you put the carrier in the washing machine, you should close all Velcro fasteners and buckles so that nothing swirls around wildly in the wash drum. You could also place the carrier in a pillow case for extra protection. Please use a mild detergent without bleach, perfume, dyes, chlorine or optical brighteners. This is gentler on the carrier, healthier for the baby and more sustainable for the environment. If a buckle should ever break, you can buy a replacement one here.

How do I protect my carrier?

If you want to protect your baby carrier from your baby's teeth, then you'll find practical drool bibs here that protect the risers from baby gnawing. This way, your carrier will stay intact longer and your baby can happily play with their new chewing tool.

When to buy the baby carrier?

Let's face it, everything is stressful enough. we advise to purchase a baby carrier or sling in the third or fourth trimester. There are also our pre-loved baby carriers available to purchase through our Everlove Program: good for your bank account, good for the environment!

Is a baby carrier useful?

Absolutely! You have a "hands free hug" for your baby, allowing your hands to be free whilst keeping your little one close.

How do I use a baby carrier when it is raining or cold outside?

That is not a problem. Wet and cold air is also good for your baby. Especially in the cold season, the mucous membranes of your little one are so well moistened. You can use a winter-proof Winter cover or in case of rain, a rain cover for your baby carrier and you are ready to go.