During a baby’s first year, they grow and develop at an astounding rate. From holding their head up to rolling over and crawling, the ages and stages of a baby’s development can help parents understand when they’re ready for certain activities, including which positions work best in a baby carrier. Following the Ages & Stages path for babywearing supports your baby through every tender and exciting stage of their development.


1st Month Milestones

From womb to world, this transition is a tender time for both parent and baby as they discover their new rhythm together. It’s a time for resting and healing.

Our newborn carriers are ultra soft and provide ergonomic support perfect for resting, snuggles, and discovering your new life together.


2-3 Month Milestones

In these months, your baby will begin lifting their head to look at you and you might even notice some smiles. They are becoming more interested in their surroundings.

The Embrace Newborn carrier and Aura Baby Wrap will supports you and your little one with an inward facing carry. Allowing little one to see your face and the world around them while supporting their developing neck muscles.


4-6 Month Milestones

Developmentally, your baby will be able to hold their head up and shift focus from caregivers to the outside world. They have full-colour vision, see at longer distances, and are developing more hand-eye coordination.

This is a good time to transition to our Soft Structured Baby Carriers. Babies curiosity develops, you can try short periods facing out in the baby carrier.

Our Soft Structured Carriers come in a variety of styles and fabric choices to support your personal preferences and fit.


6 Month Milestones & Beyond

Around 6 months your baby will begin sitting up on their own. At this point in their development, they can transition to the back carry in the Soft Structured Carriers. The back carry allows you to do tasks that might be difficult with a baby on the front. It’s a hands-free and ergonomic solution for daily adventures and errands while still keeping baby close!

Baby carriers are like jeans - it comes down to personal preference and fit. Like a good pair of jeans, they will last for years as your baby continues to develop and grow into a toddler.