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For almost 20 years Ergobaby has pioneered award winning ergonomic baby carriers with the support of medical professional in the field.

Whilst we continue to improve existing products, and launch new products, we maintain our high-quality standards to develop products that are comfortable and ergonomic for parents and babies.

To provide not just a high quality and beautiful product, but also a product that is safe and useful, we worked with a paediatric orthopaedist, Dr. Robert Cho, M.D. on developing the new Ergobaby Evolve™3-in-1 Bouncer infant insert. That insert is certified back friendly by the AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs), an independent association of doctors and therapists.

In Europe, we are continuously in contact with health professionals, babywearing experts and midwifes, who take a big part in the development process of our products.

Our Babywearing Experts and Sling Libraries

Katrin Ritter

Midwife, babywearing and sleep expert

Katrin has been part of our Ergobaby European team for 12 years and is responsible for Health Professional Marketing in the EU and medical support for product development. She has been a midwife for over 20 years, a certified babywearing consultant of the Babywearing School Dresden, a trained sleep coach and a mother herself.

Robert Cho, MD

Pediatric Orthopedist

All our customer care members have been trained in babywearing. If you have a question or need any support, contact them via our free customer service hotline or mail address.


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