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Giving Back

A place where families can raise their children safely, including workplaces that value and support their mental, emotional, and physical health.

Support through the Pandemic

Covid-19 donations. During Spring 2020, for a period of four weeks in the first Covid-19 lockdowns, Ergobaby donated 5% of total sales on our UK/DE/FR online shops to a selection of social programs, institutions, initiatives and associations that specifically care for families and children.

Forest cleaning

In 2021, we took part in a forest cleaning event and donated carriers for auction to support a local dog shelter:

German DHV

In the second half of 2020, 3% of all DACH online sales was donated to the German midwives association (Deutscher Hebammenverband). The association supports and advises midwives in Germany and is committed to supporting refugee families, mothers or pregnant women or runs so-called storytelling cafés where pregnant women, young parents, midwives but also all other generations can network and exchange information - about family life, births and much more.

Carriers Donations

Each year, we are sending carrier donations in all local markets (Germany, France, UK and Benelux) to various institutions such as children’s hospitals, babywearing projects, drug counselling, kindergartens, midwives, local family centers, and much more. In the UK we supported the Pandas Foundation, Hope and Homes for Children, the latter also being supported in BeNeLux, in Germany the organization Drogenhilfe Nordhessen e.V..