Features FAQs

  1. How many recline positions does Metro have?
    The Metro utilizes an infinite recline strap, so the seat can be reclined in many positions.
  2. Is the leg rest adjustable?
    Yes, the Metro Stroller leg rest can be adjusted in 4 different positions, including one completely flat.
  3. Is the handlebar adjustable?
    No, the handlebar is not adjustable. The handlebar is 100 cm high, from the ground.
  4. Are the tyres puncture free?
    The tyres are made of rubber and are not air filled, so they are puncture resistant and never go flat.
  5. Does the Metro Stroller have suspension?
    Yes the Metro stroller uses a spring suspension system.
  6. Does Metro have a fold lock?
    Yes, the Metro Stroller has a manual fold lock, which keeps the stroller closed when folded.
  7. What are these loops on the sunshade for?
    The loops on the sunshade affix to the stud on each side of the stroller arms so that the sunshade fabric looks clean and tight in the middle sunshade position.