Endorsements FAQs

  1. Why is the Metro Ergonomic?
    There were a number of criteria that the AGR looked for in evaluating the ergonomics of the Metro Stroller and Newborn Kit. The first and most important was the attention to padding and support in the Metro seat. The Metro 6m+ seat and Newborn Kit feature multiple padding zones that provide support for baby where they need it. Additional ergonomic criteria focused on the stroller handlebar height (it’s comfortable for parents of all heights) and the fold and un-fold do not require the parent to bend down and reach in potential uncomfortable positions.
  2. What is the AGR Certification?
    More than just a sticker - the AGR seal of approval marks particularly back-friendly products. The AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs) is an association supported by doctors and therapists which was founded in 1995. The purpose of the association is to foster research into preventing backache and to process the findings from these research efforts in order to make a contribution to dealing with the widespread condition of backache. AGR works together closely with many important medical associations. It also awards back-friendly everyday commodities the "AGR seal of approval" which received the accolade "very good" from the "ÖKOTEST" consumer magazine. https://www.agr-ev.de/en/