Dimensions FAQs

  1. What is the weight of Metro?
    Metro weighs 6.3 kg.
  2. What is the folded size of Metro?
    52 cm x 44 cm x 23 cm (with 6m+ seat) 67 cm x 46 cm x 33 cm (with newborn kit and sunshade attached)
  3. What is the un-folded size of Metro?
    87cm L x 44cm W x 104cm H
  4. What is the maximum angle the 6m+ seat backrest can be reclined?
    The maximum angle of Metro'‰s recline is around 160 degrees. Lie-flat (180 degrees) can be achieved with the newborn kit.
  5. What is the upright angle of the 6m+ seat backrest?
    The upright seat angle is around 105 degrees.
  6. How wide is the Metro 6m+ seat?
    The seat is 33 cm wide.
  7. What is the height of the seatback?
    The seatback is 43.18 cm from crease to top of the seatback, there is an additional 15 cm of headroom above the edge of the seatback.
  8. What is the seat depth?
    26 cm from the crease of the seat to the adjustable leg rest bend.
  9. How long is the newborn kit?
    70 cm.
  10. What is the weight limit for the storage basket?
    The Metro storage basket can hold 4.5 kg of weight.
  11. How much does Metro weigh with the Newborn Kit installed?
    6.4 kg