Measures / Dimensions

Measures / Dimensions FAQs

  1. How big is the Metro + Stroller when folded?
    The size of the folded Metro+ Stroller is : 54 x 44 x 25 cm
  2. How much does the Metro+ weigh?
    Metro+ weighs 7.8 kg. Metro 2020 weighed 6.8 kg.
  3. How does Metro+ folded size compare to original Metro?
    The Metro+ has grown slightly over original Metro in order to accommodate car seats, but when folded, still fits into most airplane overhead bins.
  4. What is the unfolded Size of Metro+?
    96 cm tall x 44 cm wide x 87 cm long
  5. How high is the handlebar from the ground?
    Metro+ has an adjustable handlebar that ranges from 96 to 105 cm from the ground.
  6. What is Metro+’s most upright seat angle?
    Metro+’s most upright seat angle is 95 degrees.
  7. What is Metro+’s most reclined seat angle?
    Metro+’s most reclined seat angle is 175 degrees.
  8. What are Metro+’s seat dimenions?

    Metro+ has a seat back height of 45.75 cm with additional an additional 10 cm headroom.

    Metro+ has a seat bottom depth of 23 cm from seat crease to leg bend and an additional 15.25 cm of leg rest.

    Metro+ has a seat width of 33 cm.


  9. How much cargo can Metro+ hold?
    Metro+ can hold up to 2.2 kg in the basket and an additional 1.4 kg in the seat back pocket.