Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap

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Designed for slow days and fourth-trimester bonding, our wrap is perfect for keeping your little one close and cosy throughout that precious newborn phase.

  • 0-12 months (3,6-11,3 kg)
  • Lightweight
  • ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee

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Aura Baby Wrap Breathable
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Product Features

Product Details:
Newborn+ (8-25 lbs /3,6-11,3 kg)
Machine Washable 30°C
Measurement: 490 cm in length and 53,4 cm in width

100% Viscose made from eucalyptus & acacia

Awards / Certifications

IHDI award badge


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  1. What makes Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap so special?
    Lightweight and thoughtfully designed for wrap beginners, the Ergobaby Aura Wrap is ideal for new parents and newborn babies. It is made with breathable, ultra-soft fabric, and has an integrated pocket for convenient storage.  Additionally, our wraps are super easy for beginners, with contrasted stitching on the rails to help guide you in the wrapping process.
  2. What are the Aura Baby Wrap made from?
    Aura Baby Wraps are made from 100% viscose from eucalyptus and acacia. This breathable and luxuriously soft fabric keeps you and baby cooler, yet it is sturdy and durable to comfortably carry your baby snuggly without sagging.
  3. Can the Aura Baby Wrap be used for premature babies?
    We suggest talking to a doctor to get more information on the different carrying options for premature babies.
  4. Which carry positions can you do with the Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap?
    The Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap is especially designed as an easy to tie solution for the classic inward-facing front carry.
  5. Can I wear my baby facing forward or on my back?
    We advise against the use of the Aura Baby Wrap in a forward-facing carry as it puts too much pressure on baby's spine/joints and on the wearers back, we recommend that when your baby is ready to face the world, usually around 5 months, to use a baby carrier designed to ergonomically and comfortably carry your baby in forward-facing position such as the Ergobaby Omni 360 or 360. The back carry has a greater chance of accidental injury to baby given the complex nature of the carry position with the use of a 'stretchy' wrap.
  6. Can I nurse in the Aura Baby Wrap?
    Yes, you can nurse in the wrap.  We recommend wrapping baby upright, in a tummy to tummy position, but just a bit lower and still snug, so you can bring breast up to baby. Always stay vigilant while baby is nursing. Make sure to reposition baby in a correct position immediately after breastfeeding and be careful to not overtighten the wrap.
  7. Will my baby overheat inside the Ergobaby Wrap?
    Temperature is always something to be cautious of whenever you are wearing your baby, but the Ergobaby Wrap is made from a thinner, breathable material that keeps you and your baby cool throughout the day.
  8. What do you mean when you say ?one size fits all??
    Ergobaby Aura Baby Wraps are long enough for a comfortable fit on almost any wearer and are petite to plus size friendly. Your size will only determine how many times you wrap the ties around your waist.
  9. How do I care for my Aura Baby Wrap? Is it machine washable?
    Yes, the Ergobaby Wrap is machine washable which makes it easy to clean. We suggest washing your Ergobaby Wrap in cold water on a delicate cycle with mild detergent, and dry flat. We recommend not to wash it with other clothes containing zippers, buttons, snaps or hook and loop fasteners (velcro) as this may lead to fabric damages.
  10. What makes the Aura Baby Wrap easy to store and convenient?
    Our lightweight material and built-in storage pocket make it super easy for you to nicely tuck the Aura Baby Wrap into a compact fold, and conveniently toss it in your diaper bag.
  11. I feel like my baby isn't totally secure. Am I doing something wrong?
    If the wrap doesn't quite feel right, try checking 3 things: 1) tighten! tighten! tighten! making sure to use the guiding edge to pull the correct piece 2) make sure the straps across your back are flat 3) make sure the 'x' on your back is in the center of your back, or higher if carrying a bigger baby.
  12. Can the Ergobaby Baby Wrap be a substitute for an Ergobaby Carrier?
    While both the Ergobaby Wrap and Ergobaby carrier can be used from birth, the Ergobaby Wrap can only hold up to 30 lbs/ 13,6 kg. Therefore, we highly suggest that you still purchase an Ergobaby carrier as your baby gets older and heavier. The Ergobaby carrier is more structured and can comfortably hold more weight and in more carrying positions (including front outward-facing).
  13. Why has the maximum weight limit decreased?
    Ergobaby is globally known for our comfort and ergonomics. We take our reputation seriously and strive to achieve the best comfort with every product we launch. Holding true to this promise, we have decided to lower the weight recommendation on the Aura Baby Wrap from 30 lbs. to 25 lbs. (13,6 to 11,3 kg) ensuring the maximum comfort for you and your little one. While Aura Baby Wrap has been tested to carry babies up to 30 lbs. (13,6 kg), we believe your best carrying experience will be up to 25 lbs. (11,3 kg) with baby.
  14. I purchased my Aura Baby Wrap when it claimed a higher weight limit. Can I use my wrap up to 30 lbs. now?
    Yes, your Aura Baby Wrap is still able to safely hold your child up to 30 lbs / 13,6 kg. However, to maximize your experience and comfort with our products, we recommend using the wrap with your child until they are 25 lbs / 11,3 kg. If you wish to carry your child longer, you may confidently transition to any of our ergonomic soft structured baby carriers.